Shareholders’ rights

Shareholder law is a specialty of business law. Shareholder rights directly concern the owners of the company, both in terms of their relations between each other and with the various stakeholders company.

For more than 25 years, the members of the law firm Paquette Gadler inc. has chosen to devote themselves to this field of law, representing, both at the preventive and curative level, minority shareholders, majority shareholders and companies.

The law firm Paquette Gadler inc. has been and continues to be involved in a significant number of shareholder law cases, many of which have established precedents in the matter. As part of the mandates entrusted to us in shareholder law, the law firm Paquette Gadler inc. has had to represent minority and majority shareholders involved in family businesses, companies regrouping entrepreneurs as well as business partners of various origins and businesses in which venture capital companies and institutional investors are involved.

We have been called upon to represent both men and women in our shareholder disputes. Our experience shows that women are particularly targeted by acts of oppression, both in family businesses and in small and large commercial enterprises.

Our approach to shareholder law has always been to combine a legal approach with highly strategic thinking. Indeed, in any shareholder law case, it is essential to develop an approach that takes into account the short-term results, but also the long-term consequences for our clients, all with the objective of maximizing the value obtained for their interests in the companies in which they are shareholders.

Upon request, we will be pleased to explain in greater detail our approach to shareholder law matters.

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