Law of technologies

According to expert opinion, companies that are viable today, regardless of their field of activity, will all, without exception, be called upon to become technology companies tomorrow if they are to survive and prosper. Whether we like it or not, the digital transformation of businesses and organizations is a must.

Aware of this fact, the law firm of Paquette Gadler Inc. has positioned itself to be an integral part of this extraordinary revolution by assisting its business clients in this New World. Business and entrepreneurial law will inexorably pass through the conduit of technology law and it is our individual and collective duty to be ready to face this reality.

These two areas of activity are now intrinsically linked to each other. Whether it concerns the negotiation and implementation of commercial and technological agreements, the protection of your intellectual property or, even, the representation of your company before the courts and the regulatory bodies, the law firm Paquette Gadler inc. is able to assist you in the full defence of your rights.

To this end, our strategic partnership with the new technology and artificial intelligence firm provides even more technical depth to our interventions.

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