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Our significant judgments

Business Law

Business law is truly part of the DNA of the law firm Paquette Gadler inc. since its founding by partners from major Montreal firms in 1992. At all times, the members of the law firm Paquette Gadler inc. have acted in all spheres of business law, both preventive and curative.

Shareholders’ rights

Shareholder law is a specialty of business law. Shareholder rights directly concern the owners of the company, both in terms of their relations between them and those they have with the company and its various stakeholders.

Law of technologies

According to expert opinion, companies that are viable today, regardless of their field of activity, will all, without exception, be called upon to become technology companies tomorrow if they are to survive and prosper. Whether we like it or not, the digital transformation of businesses and organizations is a must.

Our approach

Our approach has always been to combine a legal approach with highly strategic thinking. Indeed, in all cases, it is essential to develop an approach that takes into account the short-term results, but also the long-term consequences for our clients. Paquette Gadler inc. has been called upon and continues to act in business law, shareholder law and technology law. Paquette Gadler Inc. is also involved in significant commercial litigation and in several important class actions.