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Who we are?

Founded in 1992, Paquette Gadler Inc. is a boutique law firm located in Montreal that focuses its practice on business law, shareholder law, technology law and class actions. In recent years, Paquette Gadler Inc.’s lawyers have been involved in several major shareholder disputes and have represented medium and large companies, both regional, national and international, in commercial and corporate transactions, financing and corporate reorganizations. In addition, Paquette Gadler Inc. is currently leading several significant class action cases affecting hundreds of thousands of Quebecers.

Our Approach

Paquette Gadler Inc. advocate independence, access to justice and teamwork. By its motto “in jus credimus”, in justice we believe, the law firm Paquette Gadler Inc. distinguishes itself by always seeking the best way to effectively represent the interests of its clients. The reputation of Paquette Gadler Inc. is well established. We are tough opponents and loyal partners.

The unique expertise of Paquette Gadler Inc. means that few firms can offer legal services in such specific areas while evaluating the most optimal business solutions for their clients.

Our Achievements

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to provide you with a complete and objective picture of the achievements of the Paquette Gadler inc. Law firm. than to refer you directly to the list of judgments and decisions in which our firm has been involved over the past 20 years.

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