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On February 18, 2009, Ms. Monique Charland filed a motion for authorization to institute a class action against Hydro-Québec alleging that the latter did not comply with the Interest Act by not informing its customers of the rate of annualized interest applicable on overdue amounts.

In accordance with the Interest Act, Ms. Charland requests on behalf of the members of the group that they be reimbursed the interest and/or administration fees paid in excess of 5% as well as the payment of one hundred dollars ($100 ) in damages for trouble, hassle and inconvenience to each member of the group.

The class action was authorized on August 23, 2010.

BE INFORMED that on February 19, 2021, a Settlement Agreement (the “Agreement”) without admission of liability of any kind was entered into between Monique Charland, both as representative of the Members and in her personal capacity, (the ” Plaintiff”) and Hydro-Québec, in a class action (the “Class Action”) concerning certain administration fees paid on invoices issued between January 1, 2008 and April 30, 2010 (the “Period of Group “). At the time of entering into the Agreement, the Superior Court of Quebec (the “Court”) had dismissed the Class Action and the Plaintiff had appealed the judgment.

All natural persons and all legal persons governed by private law, companies or associations, counting at all times during the 12-month period preceding February 18, 2009 under their management or under their control no more than 50 persons linked to them by employment contract, who are customers of Respondent Hydro-Québec and who have paid interest and/or administration fees on the amount of at least one invoice issued by Respondent Hydro-Québec since December 14, 2007 .

The exercise of the collective action has been authorized. The trial is scheduled for November 6 to 15, 2017 before the Honorable Judge Steve J. Reimnitz, j.c.s., in the Superior Court, district of Montreal, at the Montreal Courthouse

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