Hydro-Quebec (billing)

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On September 16, 2010, the Motion for authorization to institute a class action and to obtain the status of representative (“The principal request”) was filed by the Petitioners Ms. Chantal Maltais and Ms. Monique Charland

All natural persons and all legal persons governed by private law, companies or associations, counting at all times during the 12-month period preceding September 16, 2010 under their direction or under their control no more than 50 persons linked to them by employment contract, who were and/or clients of Respondent Hydro-Queébec and who had and/or continue to have problems with their billing attributable in any way to the implementation of the new computer system of the Respondent Hydro-Québec whose implementation was completed in 2008, either by having been at least once under-billed, over-billed and/or not billed during their applicable billing period.

The Class Action filed by Ms. Chantal Maltais and Ms. Monique Charland against Hydro-Québec has been authorized

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